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Organic Astragalus root powder export to UK

Good quality What\'s new harvesting herb? for sales
Good quality What\'s new harvesting herb? for sales
Dear KevinI write this letter to you to express my appreciation, thank you very much for supplying me natural high-quality herb productHermanto

—— Hermanto

Hi Garen Thanks for your follow-up. We received your goods and found them to be of great quality. Have a nice day Peter Medicine herb PtyLtd

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Organic Astragalus root powder export to UK

Organic Astragalus root powder export to UK

Organic Astragalus root powder export to UK


English Name: Milkvetch Root /Astragalus Radix Powder

Chinese Name: Huang qi

Latin Name: Radix Astragali ,Radix Astragalus

Specification : 40 mesh

Package: 25kg/drum ,Size:350*580mm,innerside: double plastic bags

Quantity: 500kg,20 drums

Original place: Inner Mongolia,China

Processing flow: Raw Material -Selected -Grinding- Sieving -Metal detecting -Sterilization -Quality Inspection- Package

Exported country: UK

Shipping date: July 10,2019

Sample code: ZT-190530-002-HQ

Report date: June 04,2019

Certificate No.: AR-19-SU-035960-01

Remarks: SU32 Pesticides Screening(LC) Method: BS EN15662:2018

Screened pesticides

SU37 Pesticides Screening(GC) Method:BS EN 12393:2013

Screened pesticides

Applications: Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Dietary Supplement ,Food


1)Radix Astragali/Astragalus root can also be used in the treatment of chicken pox or other diseases that manifest with the development of vesicular-papules without adequate"dispersing of the evils." In Chinese Medicine, chicken pox or other diseases that manifest as the development of vesicular-papules are caused by an attack of external evils.

2) According to the summary in the Bencao Congxin (New Compilation of Materia Medica): "Radix Astragali is sweet in taste with a warm property. The raw herb can be used to consolidate the exterior of the body. If there is an absence of sweating, it can restore normal sweating, and if there is excessive sweating, it can regulate it to a normal degree. It warms the muscles and strengthens the striae as well as invigorates qi."


3) Radix Astragali /Astragalus rootcan alleviate heat in the muscles resulting from a qi (vital energy) deficiency.[3] When qi is deficient, the consolidation of the exterior becomes inadequate; and this lets the body's yang-qi wander over the exterior creating heat in the muscles. This is the type of heat manifestation caused by a qi deficiency that Radix Astragali can remove.

4) When the herb is pretreated by broiling, it can invigorate the middle (which is the spleen and stomach) to benefit primordial qi, warm the triple burner and strengthen the spleen and stomach. It can promote the production of blood and muscle growth or regeneration.[3] Qi produces blood. When the blood is sufficient, muscle and tissue can grow or regenerate. 4. Radix Astragali helps drain pus and provide internal (qi) support. It is considered the "sage" herb for abscesses and skin ulcers

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