Hibiscus Flower Tea Herbal Tea Raw Material
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Hibiscus Flower Tea Herbal Tea Raw Material

Moisture<12% ,Impurity<0.5% ,Ash<5%
Product type: Bulk raw material of herb tea: 5 or 10 kg per Carton
Customized Herbal tea /Herb tea: mini bag :3 or 5 grams /bag
Variety: single or blended
Package: Carton or Plastic bags, mini paper bag
Shelf life: 2 years under correct storage
Caffeine Free, Sugar fee, GMO-free, Gluten-free, Vegan, Artificial Sweetener Free, Organic Approved, Dietician and Nutritionist-Approved
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Product Name:   Hibiscus Flower Tea

Best tasting hibiscus tea description

Rosehips are edible and medicinal plants with a purplish red or purplish black color and are usually harvested starting in November. Rose hips, also known as rosemary, rosemary, and mountain hips, are annual herbs of the genus Hibiscus in the mallow family. Regular consumption of rose hips tea helps to lower the total cholesterol value and triglyceride value in human blood, achieving the effect of preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Dried organic hibiscus flowers specification



Processing Type

Dried flowers





Good for


Sensory standards



Test Method


Fuchsia, red

Observation under natural light



Hibiscus Flower Tea Infusion bulk -NatureChoice

Dried hibiscus flowers functions

1, anti-spot beauty, the tea contains protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, malic acid and other substances, can help eliminate the body melanin precipitation, and can be the role of melanin discharge.

2, blood and blood, drinking Luo Shen Hua tea can promote blood circulation, accelerate the metabolic capacity of blood and blood production capacity, thus playing the role of blood and blood.

3, lower blood pressure, Luo Shen Hua tea contains hibiscus acid can help reduce the total cholesterol and triglycerides in the human blood, so as to achieve the effect of lowering blood pressure.

4, stomach, detoxification and diuretic, Luo Shen Hua tea has many effects and functions, in addition to stomach, detoxification and diuretic effect; drinking Luo Shen Hua tea can promote the peristaltic ability of the stomach and intestines, thus helping the body digestion, detoxification and increase the role of urination.

Hibiscus flower organic applications

Food industry; beauty industry; pharmaceutical industry

Hibiscus flower organic drinking suggestions

1. Golden lotus rose hips tea infusion: rose hips, golden lotus, wood butterfly 1g each, steeped in hot boiling water, add rock sugar to taste, no need to cover, to be rose hips bubble can be, drink as tea.

2.Rose ice chrysanthemum tea infusion: rose eggplant 1g, chrysanthemum 3, Chinese wolfberry 5, fat sea 1, brewed with boiling water for 5-10 minutes, add ice sugar to taste.

3. Hawthorn loxin honey infusion: rose hawthorn, dried hawthorn, boil water for three minutes, cool and blend in honey.