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A super food -Ashitaba leaf

Good quality What\'s new harvesting herb? for sales
Good quality What\'s new harvesting herb? for sales
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A super food -Ashitaba leaf
A super food -Ashitaba leaf
A super food -Ashitaba leaf
- Jun 24, 2020 -

Do you know the Ashitaba leaf ?

Ashitaba is a herb that grows primarily in the central region of Japan. Its root, leaf, and stem are used to make medicine.

Ashitaba plant : OTHER NAME(S):

Angelica, Angelica keiskei, Ashitaba du Japon, Herbe de la Longévité, Japanese Ashitaba, Kenso,

The Ashitaba Plant is original from Japan,a super food with many of healing benefits and food supplements.Ashitaba leaf also called “Mingri Leaf” is a powerful herbal remedy that is well known in Japan. It has been used for slowing the aging process and has more antioxidants than green tea and red wine. Making it a super healing agent for just about any kind of disease. With more nutrition and nutrients than broccoli, cabbage, asparagus, celery, and cucumbers…

Ashitaba leaf

Fresh Ashitaba leaf


A super food -Ashitaba leaf

A super food -Ashitaba leaf

A super food -Ashitaba leaf



Active ingredients:

Contains lots of trace minerals, beta-carotene for boosting the immune system, also saponins, glycosides, flavonoids, and germanium which also help to boost the immune system, protein, coumarin to prevent excessive clotting, magnesium for good rest and enzyme production, and fiber for constipation.

Function :

The functions can improve human immunity, anti-ulcer, anti-dementia, antithrombotic, anti-cancer, lowering blood pressure, lipids, glucose,cholesterol, the problem of allergy and acidic in physical condition. Also suitable for improving angina pectoris, heart disease, diabetes, liver disease, stroke, rheumatism, arthritis, insomnia, cold prevented, anti-fatigue, anemia, allergies, gastric acid, Gastroenterology, constipation, asthma, eczema, menopausal disorders.



Every day eat 6 or 7 raw leaves, or they can be juiced or made into tea or used in cooking.Now in Japan and China ,there many Ashitaba leaf tea and powder be sold in the market . The Ashitaba leaf powder can be added to foods and other drinks.


How to distinguish ?

Pleas NOTE :this plant has a bright yellow sap which is very unusual - that way you know you have the right plant.


Xi'an Nature Choice Co.,Ltd ,, cooperated with the farmer and grower to plant the Ashitaba ,and get the dry leaf for making tea , powder and extract the active ingredients.

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