About Rosa roxburghii
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About Rosa roxburghii

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About Rosa roxburghii

Rosa roxburghii is a unique fruit in China, and is also known as the "Sacred Fruit of the Three Kings".The content of SOD,VC,and VP is the first among all known fruits in the world.

Source of rosa roxburghii

It is the fruit of Rosa roxburghii Tratt., a plant of the Rosaceae family, also known as Wenxian fruit,Dengyi fruit, and Sanjiang fruit. Perennial deciduous small shrub with many thorns on the branches, pink, red or deep red flower color, summer flowers and autumn fruits, the fruit shape is like a small pomegranate, and the peel is densely covered with small thorns.The ripe fruit is golden yellow, and the spines are dark red.The pulp is crispy, sweet and sour, slightly astringent at first ripening, and the astringency disappears when ripe.

Origin of rosa roxburghiiAbout Rosa roxburghii

Rosa roxburghii is distributed in Sichuan,Yunnan, Guizhou,Hunan, Guangxi and other provinces (autonomous regions),with the most wild roxburghii in Guizhou Province.

Rosa roxburghii active ingredients

Superoxide Dismutase (SOD),Vitamin C.So far, Rosa roxburghii is the fruit with the highest VC content found in the world, containing about 2500mg of VC per 100g. Product name: Roxburgh Rose Extract English name: Roxburgh Rose Extract Specifications: SOD superoxide dismutase 3000 U/g+2%VCSOD superoxide dismutase 20000 U/g+5%VCSOD superoxide dismutase 150000 U/g g+15%VC Properties: light yellow to yellow fine powder Detection method: SOD activity, GB/T 5009.171-2003 Determination of superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity in health food VC, GB 5009.86-2016 National food safety standard in food Determination of Ascorbic Acid.At the 2020 Guizhou Prickly Pear Industry Development Forum held in Guangzhou,Zhong Nanshan's "live broadcast debut" affirmed Guizhou Prickly Pear without hesitation: "Prickly Pear is rich in vitamin C and is known as the 'king of vitamin C'. It is far more than other fruits, and it is in line with the current trend of healthy consumption in the post-epidemic era." Rosa roxburghii fruit is rich in nutrients, and its natural VC,VP, and SOD contents are significantly higher than other fruits, so it has won the reputation of "three king fruits". According to research, VC2000mg VP2500mg SOD10000U per 100g fresh fruit of Rosa roxburghii also contains sugar (fructose), protein, polyphenols, flavonoids, organic acids, fatty acids,15-18 kinds of amino acids and more than 10 kinds Trace elements (Fe, Mn, Zn, Sr).

Domestic applied regulations of rosa roxburghii

Rosa roxburghii, as a dual-purpose plant for medicine and food, has been included in the "Quality Standards of Traditional Chinese Medicinal Materials and Ethnic Medicinal Materials in Guizhou Province" (1994, 2003 editions), Rosa roxburghii (fresh Rosa roxburghii fruit) DB52/YC223-2003, medicinal materials for ethnic minorities.Announcement No.17, 2004 of the Ministry of Health: the former Ministry of Health issued the "Notice on the Arrangement of the National Health Food Market Reorganization in 1998" in 1998 (Wei Jian Fa Fa [1998] No. 9), and the new resource food Rosa roxburghii (Rosa roxburghi) as a general food management.buy Rosa roxburghii -NatureChoice

Main effect of rosa roxburghii


Detoxification (especially for lead and arsenic poisoning), regulation of immune function

Anti-atherosclerosis, protect cardiovascular system


Anti-radiation, anti-apoptosis

Liver protection, hangover

Effects on the digestive system (help digestion, promote secretion of digestive juice, protect gastric mucosa, improve functional dyspepsia)

Application range of rosa roxburghii

Food (tablet candy, beverages (wine, tea, vinegar), dairy products, etc.)

Healthy food

Formula food for special medical purposes (digestive system dysfunction)

Pharmaceutical industry (radioprotectant for chemotherapy);

Product advantages of rosa roxburghii

Rosa roxburghii extract is rich in natural VC, natural SOD and other functional ingredients, which mainly play the role of anti-oxidation, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory in daily chemical products

VC+VP+SOD golden iron triangle, VP improves the stability of VC, SOD and VC synergistically enhance the antioxidant capacity.

Natural sources of VC are richer in more active substances than synthetic VC, such as flavonoids, anthocyanins, etc., which can enhance the antioxidant activity of VC and have a better absorption and utilization rate.