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Organic is an international generic term, which is directly translated from English Organic Food. The term "organic" here is not a chemical concept, but refers to the adoption of an organic farming and processing method. Organic products are all agricultural and sideline products and their processed products, including food, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, livestock products, honey, aquatic products, seasonings, etc., which are produced and processed in this way and meet international or national organic product requirements and standards and are certified by national certification agencies.

Organic Products Function

1.  Research shows that organic products contain more iron, magnesium, calcium and other trace elements and vitamin C, while the content of heavy metals and carcinogenic nitrates is lower.

2. Better taste. Organic farming advocates maintaining the natural ingredients of products, so the original taste of food can be maintained.

3. Avoid diseases of one kind. Intensive animal feeding methods make it easy to spread diseases, while organic farming requires open animal feeding methods can.

4. Contains fewer chemicals. Under the concept of organic production, all production and processing processes are allowed to apply chemicals only under limited circumstances.

5. Production process modification components. Under the concept of organic production, no GMO or their derivatives can be used in all production and processing processes.

Organic Products Advantages

The biggest advantage of organic food is that they are natural, non-polluting, non-polluting and safe green food. Organic food does not use pesticides, chemical fertilizers, hormones, additives, etc. in the growth process, and has higher standards for the growing environment, the soil must be planted without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides for three years. The biggest advantage of organic food is that it is healthy, safe and more secure for consumption.

NATURECHOICE avalilable organic herb list :

Organic Turmeric root

Eleutherococcus senticosus Root

Organic Cinnamon Bark powder

Organic Dried Jujube

Organic Astragalus root

Organic Cassia seed

Organic Galangal Root powder

Organic Rosehip 

Organic Schisandra fruit powder

Organic Dandelion Root powder

Organic Goji berry

Organic Bitter Apricot Kernel 

Organic Ganoderma Lucidum
Organic Nettle Leaf powder

Organic Ginkgo Leaf

Organic Ginseng Root

Organic Chinese prickly ash

Organic Hemp Seed