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Spices For Sale

   NATURECHOICE has developed a number of unique seasonings which received greater acceptance

in the market. We are capable to offer innovative seasoning blends suitable forspecified applications.

Spices used to be major ingredient in almost all food preparations from time immemorial.

Descriptions of Spices 

   Spices have taste, flavor, color and nutritional properties. They have the advantages of consistency in quality standards, long shelf-life, easy-cooking, handling convenience, etc. The history of man-kind is so much attached to that of spices. There cannot be a food product without the use of any one of the spice, even today. The properties and uses of spices are well known for the whole world.

   BOS has taken it as a challenge to provide organically grown whole and ground spices to its clients to enable them to get the best use out of it. We have employed better methods to identify the right source of quality produces and process it scientifically to avoid all possible contamination.

   We supply all kinds of spices  in baking, confectionaries, soups, sauces, ressings, marinades, snacks,  pickles, seasonings, meat and poultry products, dairy, beverages, nutraceuticals.

Applications of Spices

   Spice refers to a specific part of a plant that has natural taste or odor properties and can be used as a seasoning or seasoning.

   It is a type of edible plant spice that can present characteristic odors such as fragrance, spiciness, hemp, spiciness, bitterness, and sweetness in food. Overall, it is a seasoning that has both a certain aroma and a certain taste. Spices are a commodity composed of dozens of unique aroma and functional plant-based raw materials, originating from the roots, stems, leaves, flower buds, and seeds of plants

   NatureChoice adopt to the low-temperature sterilization process of spices powder which can meet Euro standard .