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Traditional Chinese Herb

Traditional Chinese Herb description

More Than Ten Years Experience of China Traditional Herb Professional supplier

1)    GAP Herb Planting Base;

2)    Standard Chinese Herb Processing Workshop;

3)Professional Management System

1) Planting base.

We have built standardized GAP bases in Guizhou, Jilin, Shaanxi, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Henan and Shanxi. At the same time, our raw material procurement staff, regular investigation and guidance of raw material production areas to ensure the source quality and stability of the supply.

2) Management System.

In order to ensure high quality products and meet the principles of HACCP and GMP management has formulated a perfect management system.

3)Established long-term cooperation with third-party labs :SGS, Eurofins, GALAB,  to meet customer’s requirements.

Quality control: we have equipped with advanced testing equipment such as Shimadzu from Japan and Waters from the United States.

Lab equipment :UPLC,HPLC,UV ,GC and GC-MS (Residue of solvents),ICP-MS (Heavy Metals),GC/LC-MS-MS (Residue of pesticide),HPTLC and IR(identification), ELIASA(ORAC Value), PSL(Residue of irradiation )

Tracking management system: to control every batch products at every stage of manufacturing process, along with documents :COA, MSDS, Composition Nutrition Sheet ,Flow Chart, etc

4) we cooperated with Japanese customers to set up a cosmetic research center in Nagoya dedicated to the development and research of Chinese herbal medicine personal care products.

7) Application Field

1. Herbal Tea Infusion

2. Dietary Supplements

3. Food

4. Cosmetics

5. Pharmaceutical

6. Nutraceutical & Nutrition

8. Animal Nutrition

we supply: herb TBC for easily drinking as tea, herb powder for medicine and dietary supplement, herb extract for pharmaceutical about 150 kinds of herb