Meal Replacement Powder
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Meal Replacement Powder

Meal Replacement Powder For Sale

High-quality seed is used as the main raw materials. After strict screening and cleaning, grinding, dosing, spraying and drying, it may be formed into composite instant power. It is in yellow-white shape with unique taste and strong palatability.

Meal Replacement Powder Application:

As the food ingredients, it may be used appropriately in Dairy products, beverages, frozen foods, chocolate and confectionery products, bakery products, meat products, condiments, etc.

Direction For Use

The complete dispersion and dissolution can be achieved by a water mixer or an emulsifying tank (the hydration powder at normal temperature may be used; ingredient water is 1 :4~5.

Packaging And Storage:

25kg/ Bag or Drum, inside: double plastic bags.

It is stored in the shady and dry place.

The suggested temperature is lower than 30℃ and the relative humidity is less than 70%.

The storage period is 18 months. Unsealing to prevent the products from oxidative deterioration.