Do you know what are the effects of ginseng?
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Do you know what are the effects of ginseng?

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Do you know what are the effects of ginseng?

Winter is the season for tonic, no matter it is for qi or blood, or for yin or yang, the effect of winter tonic is more ideal. So which tonic should we choose? When it comes to this, many people may think of ginseng! So do you know what are the effects of ginseng?

Let's run through what the effects of ginseng are.


Efficacy one: prolong life

Applicable people: Middle-aged and elderly.

Principle: Ginseng is a great tonic for the vital energy, generates fluids and calms the mind, benefits the spleen and lungs, and improves immunity, which helps the middle-aged people to recover their vitality and prolong their lives.

Efficacy 2: Anti-fatigue, boost energy

Suitable for people who are tired and overworked.

Principle: Ginsenoside has the function of stimulating the central nervous system, relieving fatigue and improving memory, boosting energy and improving work efficiency.

Efficacy 3: Helps digestion

Suitable for people with loss of appetite, yellow and thin facial muscles, tiredness and lack of energy.

Principle: Ginseng can benefit the spleen and lungs, replenish vitality, and help digestion for middle-aged and elderly people with spleen and lung deficiency.

Efficacy 4, improve sexual function

Applicable people: Middle-aged men.

Principle: Ginseng is a great tonic for the vital energy and has the effect of benefiting the kidney and helping the yang to revive masculinity.

Effect 5: Improve female menopause disorder

Principle: After taking ginseng, 80% of women's menopausal disorder symptoms are significantly improved.

Effect 6: Protective effect on liver

Principle: Ginseng has Gomisin-N, A and 34 kinds of ginsenoside saponins that protect the liver. It has the function of promoting protein synthesis, sugar and fat metabolism and detoxification. It has the effect of protecting the liver and promoting liver regeneration and anti-hepatitis. In addition, ginseng also has the effect of relieving alcohol and eliminating hangover.

Efficacy 7: Preventive and therapeutic effects on diabetes

Principle: Ginseng contains substances that promote insulin secretion, among which ginsenosides can improve hyperglycemia, increase insulin content in the blood of the pancreas, and significantly inhibit insulin content in the pancreas. Ginsenoside can improve hyperglycemia, increase insulin content in the blood of pancreas, and obviously inhibit the infiltration of pancreatic lymphocytes to effectively control the occurrence of diabetes.

Efficacy 8: Cancer prevention

Principle: Ginseng has the function of strengthening the immune function and improving the resistance of cancer patients. It can inhibit the growth and metastasis of cancer cells and has excellent effects in preventing recurrence after surgery.

Efficacy 9: Prevention of arteriosclerosis and hyperlipidemia

Principle: Ginseng has the effect of dilating blood vessels, improving blood circulation, preventing atherosclerosis and preventing damage to vascular intracutaneous cells. In particular, Rb2 has the ability to reduce blood cholesterol blood-induced vascular degeneration.

Efficacy 10, beautiful white skin, nourishing skin

Applicable group: Women who wish to maintain a youthful appearance.

Principle: Ginseng contains a variety of antioxidant substances, such as ginsenoside and ginseng diol saponin, which can enhance skin elasticity, inhibit melanin and make skin white and smooth.