Let's really understand organic products!
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Let's really understand organic products!

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Let's really understand organic products!

In modern society, as people's quality of life requirements improve, consumers are increasingly inclined to choose organic products. Having said that, do you have the following questions: What are organic products? What exactly are the advantages of organic products? Why are organic products relatively more expensive?

What is the definition of organic?

"Organic" refers to an agricultural production method, which simply means that no chemical synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers, production regulators and other substances and genetically engineered organisms and their products are used in the production of plants and animals, and that a series of sustainable agricultural techniques are adopted in accordance with the laws of nature and ecological principles to coordinate the balance between cultivation and farming and maintain a virtuous cycle in the agricultural ecosystem. For processing, storage, transportation, packaging, labeling, sales and other processes, there is also a set of strict standardized management requirements.

What are organic products?

Organic food is a category of organic products. At present, organic food in China mainly includes: cereals, vegetables, fruits, edible mushrooms, tea, meat and meat products, dairy products, edible oil, wine and beverages. Organic products also include cotton, hemp, bamboo, clothing, feed, Chinese herbs and other "non-food" products.

What are the advantages of organic products?

Organic products do not use chemical synthetic pesticides in the production process, so there are no chemical pesticide residues in the products, which makes them more natural and friendly to our environment.

Organic farming uses organic fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers, and advocates maintaining the natural properties of the products, which can maintain the original taste of food, and fruits and vegetables are more nourishing and flavorful.

The production process of organic products requires products to be traceable and quantities to be accounted for. If you choose organic products, you are also choosing a healthier and more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

    Why are organic products relatively more expensive?

Some seasonal organic products are priced higher due to low supply and high market demand. In addition, the price of organic products, also reflects the cost and responsibility of enterprises to undertake the conservation of ecological diversity, sustainable agricultural development, environmental ethics and other aspects of improvement. However, not all organic products are expensive, such as organic dairy products as the supply of organic dairy products grows, the price of organic dairy products gradually converge with conventional products, there are organic tea and organic wine, and other conventional products, the price difference is also small.

   Finally, how do we distinguish the authenticity of organic products?

1. Organic products packaging are organic product certification mark, and marked organic code or two-dimensional code, as well as the name of the certification body or logo. Organic products "one product, one code", each organic code needs to be submitted to the Chinese food and agricultural products certification information system, and the two-dimensional code and organic code one by one correspondence.

2. The packaging of organic products usually uses biodegradable and recyclable packaging materials made of wood, bamboo, plant stems and leaves, and paper.