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Low Temperature Sterilization Process of New Solid Food Raw Materials
After several years of process research and development and tackling key problems, our company has developed the "new low-temperature sterilization process for solid food raw materials" for the first time in China, and has developed and customized special equipment and control systems for it.

Process Characteristics

Established long-term cooperation with third-party labs :SGS, Eurofins, GALAB, to meet customer’s requirements.
The sterilization temperature is low, the temperature is about 70~75℃, which will not affect the material composition;
 Good sterilization effect: Total number of bacteria <10000cfu/g,
                                                Mold & Yeast <30cfu/g,  
                                                E.coil and Salmonella: Negetive ; 
Large production capacity and low cost, it is intermittent batch production, and the charging coefficient is increased by enlarging equipment or appropriate material pretreatment to increase production capacity and reduce costs;
The equipment is man-machine friendly and the parameters can be adjusted. Under the premise of achieving the sterilization effect of different materials, the material characteristics and original flavor are preserved as much as possible;

Process Advantages

Retain the original nutrients to the maximum extent and keep the original taste;