Artemisia Carvifolia
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Artemisia Carvifolia

Pure Artemisia carvifolia No preservatives
Brand Name: NatureChoice
Certificate: ISO9001
Non-GMO, Non-irradiation, Allergen Free, BSE/TSE Free
Adopt to the modern technology and method to plant and produce.
Strictly test and control the active ingredient: pesticide residue, heavy metals, microbiology alfatoxin, SO2
Herb Usage Form:
1)Traditional Chinese Medicine
2)Herbal TBC for easily drinking as tea,
3)Herb powder for medicine and dietary supplement,
4)Herb extract for pharmaceutical.
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English Name: Artemisia carvifolia

Chinese Name:Qinghao

Botanical Name: Artemisia annua L.

Part: Whole


Artemisia carvifolia Fresh-NatureChoiceArtemisia carvifolia-NatureChoice

Artemisia annua qinghao description

Artemisia annua, the name of Chinese medicine. It is the dried above-ground part of Artemisia annua L., family Asteraceae. It is found throughout the country. It has the effect of clearing deficiency heat, removing bone vapor, relieving summer heat, intercepting malaria, and reducing yellow. It is often used in the treatment of warming evil that injures yin, night fever and early coolness, yin deficiency fever, bone vapor and labor fever, summer fever, malaria and cold fever, and damp fever and jaundice.

Active Ingredients

Among the terpenoids contained in Artemisia annua, monoterpenes include artemisinone, isoartemisinone, eucalyptus oleoresin, camphor, etc.; sesquiterpenes include artemisinin, artemisinin methyl, artemisinin ethyl, artemisinin propionin and artemisinic acid, etc.; and triterpenes include β-acrylate, etc.


1. Clearing deficiency heat

2. Removing bone vapor

3. Relieving summer heat

4. Intercepting malaria

5. Reducing yellowing


1.Mostly used in cosmetics and pharmaceutical manufacturing leaves.

2.Herbal Tea