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Herbal Seed & Fruit &Nuts

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The medicinal parts of fruit-based herbs are usually used for fully ripe or nearly ripe fruits; a few are young fruits, such as Citrus aurantium; most use complete fruits, such as Schisandra; some use part of the fruit or use part of the peel or all of the peel, such as Chenpi and Daibelian peel; some also use the fruit stalk with part of the peel, such as melon tips; or even use only the vascular tissue of the mesocarp part, such as orange and loofah; some The whole fruit spike is used, such as mulberry.

Herbal Seed & Fruit &Nuts function

(1) The growth hormone in the fruit mainly comes from the developing seeds, and the concentration of growth hormone is higher during the period of cell division and cell elongation in the fruit because the cells with the ability to divide can produce growth hormone, which is then transported to the site of action.

(2) At the time of fruit ripening, the hormones with elevated levels in the fruit are ethylene and abscisic acid.

(3) During the cell growth period, both growth hormone and gibberellin are at high levels, and both growth hormone and gibberellin can promote cell growth, and the relationship between them is synergistic.

(4) The dynamic changes of various hormones show that the growth and development process of fruits (plants) is not regulated by a single hormone, but by the coordination and joint regulation of multiple hormones.

Herbal Seed & Fruit &Nuts advantage

Fruits are the sign of plant maturity and the home and node of plant growth. Fruits contain a large amount of nutrients and also contain the genetic information of plants, and the treatment of diseases with fruit-based drugs can mobilize the body's qi and consolidate the origin, which will often achieve twice the result with half the effort.