Herbal Leaf &Flower &Stem
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Herbal Leaf &Flower &Stem

Herbal Leaf &Flower &Stem For Sale

Common leaf herbs include fruit leaves, vine leaves, medicinal leaves and other herbs. All leaf herbs are plant herbs that are plucked from plants for processing.

Flower Chinese medicine is a general term for herbs that use plant flowers as medicine. The medicinal parts mainly include dried single flowers, inflorescences and parts of flowers. Most of the intact flowers are used medicinally as buds, a few are divided into open flowers and inflorescences; parts of flowers include stigma, pollen, stamens, corolla, calyx, involucre, receptacle, etc.

The medicinal parts of the plant are the stem and vine, stem branches, stem spines, stem pith and underground stems, which are called "stem herbs".

Herbal Leaf &Flower &Stem function

Leaf herbs are mostly used to clear heat and detoxify the body and other symptoms.

Chinese herbal flowers have the effect of regulating qi and relieving depression, harmonizing blood and dispersing blood stasis. In addition, it can de-stress the liver and calm the mind, and can help the body eliminate fatigue and improve sleep quality.

The stem vine can invigorate the blood, relieve pain and dispel wind and dampness; the stem branches can reach the limbs; the stem spines can dispel wind and attack breakage.

Herbal Leaf &Flower &Stem advantage

The leaf plants are more nutritious. The same is true for flowering herbs. The advantages of stem herbs are much the same as those of root herbs.