Herbal Root
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Herbal Root

Herbal Root For Sale

Roots of herbs refer to herbs whose medicinal parts are roots or mainly roots with parts of rhizomes or above-ground stumps. As far as the roots are concerned, there are no nodes, internodes and leaves, and there are no buds or very few adventitious buds. The harvesting period of root herbs is usually in autumn and winter when the above-ground part of the plant will wither, and in early spring before sprouting or when the seedlings just appear.

Herbal Root Function

1. Expel wind and remove dampness

2. Invigorating blood to stop bleeding

3. Tonifying Qi and blood

4. Clearing heat and removing toxins

5. Relieving cough and asthma

Herbal Root Advantage

Plant roots are coiled and crossed in the soil, becoming a kind of net-like structure with the function of fixing and supporting the plant body, just like the skeletal tendons of the human body, connecting the various parts of the plant body into a whole. For the human body, it is possible to treat lesions of the tendons and bones, and rheumatism and paralysis caused by wind, cold and dampness are the most common diseases of the tendons and bones, so certain characteristic roots are preferentially selected to become the herbal medicine for treatment.