Jasmine Flower Tea Loose Green Tea
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Jasmine Flower Tea Loose Green Tea

Moisture<12% ,Impurity<0.5% ,Ash<5%
Product type: Bulk raw material of herb tea: 5 or 10 kg per Carton
Customized Herbal tea /Herb tea: mini bag :3 or 5 grams /bag
Variety: single or blended
Package: Carton or Plastic bags, mini paper bag
Shelf life: 2 years under correct storage
Caffeine Free, Sugar fee, GMO-free, Gluten-free, Vegan, Artificial Sweetener Free, Organic Approved, Dietician and Nutritionist-Approved
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Product Name:   Jasmine flower Tea

Chinese jasmine flower tea description

Jasmine compares to other teas we feature this tea is a very lightly scented green tea. The light jasmine scent and the fresh vegetal notes of this tea pull you into a memory of fresh spring flowers in the meadow.

When people want to drink a jasmine tea, they usually use fresh jasmine flowers for brewing, but also use dried jasmine flowers for brewing. It can well lock the nutrients in jasmine flowers. After brewing with dried jasmine, you can enjoy the wonderful state of jasmine flowers gradually stretched out, and can also fully release the nutrients and active ingredients in jasmine flowers, to play a powerful effect and role.

White jasmine tea specification

Table 1 Sensory requirements




Tight and even,   no non-tea impurities, no mildew


green, shiny

soup color

bright yellow


Full-bodied, no   odor

Table 2 Physical and chemical indicators





total ash


tea stalk




Jasmine flower tea buy -NatureChoice

Chinese jasmine flower tea functions

1. The volatile oily substances contained in jasmine have the functions of promoting qi and relieving pain, relieving depression and dissipating stagnation, and can relieve chest and abdomen pain, tenesmus and other symptoms. It is a good food for pain relief.

2. Jasmine has an inhibitory effect on a variety of bacteria. It can be used internally and externally to treat inflammatory diseases such as red eyes, sores, and skin ulcers.

3. Jasmine tea is soothing and beautifying, the complexion is dull and dull, and it has the effect of detoxification and beauty. Jasmine tea has health-care effects such as refreshing, clearing fire, digestion, and diuresis.

Organic jasmine flower tea applications

Food industry; beauty industry; pharmaceutical industry

White jasmine tea drinking suggestions

1. The combination of jasmine tea and rose can stabilize mood, sooth skin and beauty, and promote blood circulation.

2. The combination of jasmine and chrysanthemum has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification, protecting the liver and improving eyesight.

3. The combination of jasmine and lavender can make the complexion fair and delicate, as well as soothe the nerves.

4. Jasmine and sweet-scented osmanthus can be brewed and drunk together, which can help the human body to digest, enhance appetite, and have the effects of refreshing the spleen and strengthening the stomach.

✦ Package

This loose leaf herbal tea is carefully blended and packaged by hand in a reusable tin or a resealable kraft bag.

✦ Recommend other Herbal Tea ingredient

Organic peppermint, organic lemongrass, organic cardamom ,organic dried ginger pieces and organic licorice root. Contains no added flavorings,Organic Astragalus ,Ginseng root slice,Organic Red date, Organic Dandelion root ,Organic Cassia seed

✦ Making

Use 1 heaping teaspoon per 5g. water. Heat water to a full boil. Steep for 5 or more minutes.