Quinoa Flour
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Quinoa Flour

  • 100% Pure Meal Replacement Powder
  • Certificate:ISO 9001
  • Package:25kg/bag
  • Non-GMO, Non-irradiation, Allergen Free, BSE/TSE Free
  • Free Sample :200g
  • Meal Replacement Powder106

  • NatureChoice

  • 106

Quinoa Powder-Meal Replacement Powder

Organic Quinoa Flour Product Descriptions:

High-quality Quinoa seed is used as the main raw materials. After strict screening and cleaning, grinding, dosing, spraying and drying, it may be formed into composite instant power. It is in yellow-white shape with unique taste of Quinoa seed and strong palatability.

Quinoa Flour Direction for Use

The complete dispersion and dissolution can be achieved by a water mixer or an emulsifying tank (the hydration powder at normal temperature may be used; ingredient :

water is 1 :4~5.

Quinoa Flour Buy -NATURECHOICEQuinoa Powder for Sale-NatureChoice

Quinoa Flour Quality Indicators

Inspection   Contents

Inspection   Items

Inspection   Standard

Organoleptic   Indictors

Color   & Appearance

Yellow-white   powder, Uniform  color

Taste   & Odor

Smell   and taste with quinoa seed features

Physical   & Chemical Analysis







Total   Sugar(g/100g)


Solubility   (g/100g)






Aflatoxin   B1(μg/kg)



Total   Plate Count cfu/g






Pathogenic   bacteria( Salmonella  Staphylococcus   aureus)


Quinoa Flour Function:

1. Improve mood and sense of well-being, improve skin texture and appearance;

2. Improve sleep (promotes deep sleep), reduce body fat and decreased cellulite.

Tri-Color Quinoa-NatureChoiceQuinoa Powder-NatureChoice

Quinoa Flour For Pregnant woman  

1.Supply high quality protein.

2.For pregnancy reaction, tired of fat and meat, pregnant women like light vegetarian, quinoa is absolutely the best choice.

3.Can also help pregnant women postpartum uterus recovery, to prevent postpartum hemorrhage.

4. Help pregnant women reduce constipation symptoms, which can easily be seen in the pregnancy and the risk of developing diabetes.

5. To prevent iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy.

6. Can improve the quality of breast milk production.

Quinoa Flour For Infant  

1. To ensure the development of the baby's intelligence and bone to normal.

2. Help baby grow strong bones, healthy heart, nerve and muscle.

3. The formula of alternative food. Quinoa is easy digest, taste good, for the baby can provide enough high quality protein and a variety of essential trace elements, minerals, strengthen resistance to help the baby healthy growth.

4. The baby intelligence and retina development plays a decisive role.

5.Quinoa also can reduce the pediatric celiac disease, infant eczema and milk ringworm.

Quinoa Flour Application:

As the food ingredients, it may be used appropriately in Dairy products, beverages, frozen foods, chocolate and confectionery products, bakery products, meat products, condiments, etc.

Quinoa Flour Packaging and Storage

25kg/ Bag or Drum, inside: double plastic bags

It is stored in the shady and dry place. The suggested temperature is lower than 30℃ and the relative humidity is less than 70%.

The storage period is 18 months. Unsealing to prevent the products from oxidative deterioration.