Chinese Red Date /Fructus Jujubae
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Chinese Red Date /Fructus Jujubae

Jiaxian Chinese Red date /Fructus Jujubae base is planted in the mountains, there are fewer pests, the special climate conditions are suitable for the growth of high-quality jujube.
No pesticides are used during the planting process.
In 2005, Jiaxian organic jujube was the first to obtain the National organic jujube certification in the country.
In 2006, it passed the organic jujube certification of the Japanese JAS agency.
Third-Party pesticide report with Eurofins
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Product Name:   Chinese Red date /Fructus Jujubae 

Chinese red date tea description

Dried red dates generally refer to sun-dried red dates. Such red dates are easier to store. In addition, the nutritional value will not be lost too much. Jujube is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine that can be used for both medicine and food. The vitamin content is very high, and it has a strong effect of nourishing yin and blood. Therefore, it is very suitable for women to take, because women are mainly blood.

Red dates can be used to delay aging, so it is suitable for women, and it can strengthen the spleen, and it is also suitable for people with weak spleen and stomach. Since ancient times, there has been a saying that the sun eclipses three jujubes, and a hundred years old does not show old age. Therefore, it can be taken early every day, which has a good effect on health care.

Chinese Date testing Report.PDFRed date Heavy metal testing report.PDF

Xi'an Nature Choice Co., Ltd has  organic jujube base is located in Jiaxian County, Shaanxi Province, the hometown of jujube in China ,on the Yellow River in the northernmost point of Shaanxi Province. It is a semi-arid continental monsoon climate with four distinct seasons, large temperature difference between day and night, abundant light, and less precipitation. Jiaxian jujube base is planted in the mountains, there are fewer pests, and no pesticides are used during the planting process. The climate conditions are suitable for the growth of high-quality jujube. 

In 2005, Jiaxian organic jujube was the first to obtain the National organic jujube certification in the country. 

In 2006, it passed the organic jujube certification of the Japanese JAS agency.

Chinese Red date Fructus Jujubae Planting base -NatureChoiceChinese Red date Fructus Jujubae Planting base-NatureChoice

Chinese red dates drink specification table 1

Items Result
Color Red
Taste Special Red Date sweet ,no odour
Moisture 《16%
Ash 《5%
Impurity 《1%
Heavy metal Pb:≤0.5ppm,As:≤1ppm,Hg:≤0.5ppm,Cd:≤1ppm
Pesticide No Detected
So2 No Detected

Table 2 Chinese Red Dates Drink Nutrition Facts

Every 100g


252 Kcal





Saturated Fat


Trans Fat










Table 3 Size

Whole Grade1:3.0-4.0 cm
Grade3: Below 2.0cm
Cut 0.2-0.5cm
Powder 80-100mesh

Organic Dried Jujube Date Package -NatureChoicechinese red dates drink -NatureChoice

Package: 2kg or 3kg/bag ,10 or 15kg /Carton,

Fructus Jujubae powder :25kg/Drum ,Size:350*580mm

Original place: Jiaxian ,Shaanxi,China

Features: No artificial chemical additives, colors and flavor,

No preservatives and no antioxidant

Process fo dry up directly by the sunshine with the traditional way

Storage: Please keep in a cool and dry place ,Do not directly to the sun

Shelf life: 2 months under the conditions above and in its original packaging.

Organic Dried Jujube -NatureChoiceOrganic Dried Jujube Buy -NatureChoice

Chinese red dates drink functions

1. Detoxify and nourish the liver

Drinking red dates soaked in water can effectively detoxify the body, and also play a role in nourishing the liver and nourishing the liver, especially suitable for patients with poor liver function. Increasing the serum protein content in the body will achieve the purpose of liver protection and detoxification, and the complexion will get better and better.

2. Relieving cough and moistening lung

Red dates have a very strong qi-invigorating effect. Using red dates to soak in water can relieve cough and moisten the lungs. You can simmer red dates, white fungus and rock sugar in a pot, let it cool down and take it, the effect of relieving cough and moistening the lungs is very significant.

3. Tonic for blood

Often drinking red dates in water can effectively replenish blood for the body. If there is anemia problem, it is beneficial to drink red dates in water often.

4. Strengthen the spleen and stomach

Red dates have the effect of invigorating the spleen and stomach, and can also invigorate the middle and invigorate qi, which can effectively improve the problem of weak spleen and stomach.

5. Improve body immunity

Jujube contains a lot of carbohydrates, rich in vitamins and thiamine. These substances are absorbed by the human body and can effectively promote the regeneration of immune cells. Drinking red dates in water often helps to improve the body's immunity.

Chinese red dates drink applications

Food industry; Cosmetics industry; pharmaceutical industry

Drinking suggestions

chinese red date tea supplier -NatureChoice

1. Red dates can not only be soaked in water alone, but also can be combined with other different ingredients. Longan meat is an ideal partner for red dates to soak in water. When using them to soak in water, you can first clean the red dates, cut them into small pieces, and then remove the longan. Shell and core, then put them in a cup and add boiling water to brew. After soaking, add brown sugar to taste. After mixing thoroughly, you can drink it directly.

2. When the red dates are soaked in water, it can also make its health care effect even better. When you usually use them to soak in water, you can prepare three large red dates, cut the pulp, fry it in a pot for a while, take it out and put it in a cup and add three to five grams of wolfberry, then pour it into boiling water and soak it for three minutes. Open the lid of the cup, wait for it to de-warm and add honey to taste. The jujube water soaked in this way can nourish the liver and spleen, and can also clear the liver and improve eyesight.

3. Jujube soaking in water can also be matched with an appropriate amount of chrysanthemum, so that it can nourish yin and moisten the lungs, and the effect of resolving phlegm and relieving cough is even better. Add four or five red dates, and finally pour it into boiling water and simmer for three minutes. After soaking, the tea soup can be drunk directly.