Mulberry Leaf
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Mulberry Leaf

Pure Mulberry leaf No preservatives
Brand Name: NatureChoice
Certificate: ISO9001
Non-GMO, Non-irradiation, Allergen Free, BSE/TSE Free
Adopt to the modern technology and method to plant and produce.
Strictly test and control the active ingredient: pesticide residue, heavy metals, microbiology alfatoxin, SO2
Herb Usage Form:
1)Traditional Chinese Medicine
2)Herbal TBC for easily drinking as tea,
3)Herb powder for medicine and dietary supplement,
4)Herb extract for pharmaceutical.
  • Herbal Leaf &Flower &Stem

  • NatureChoice

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English Name: Mulberry leaf

Chinese Name:Sangye

Botanical Name: Morus alba L.

Mulberry leaf tea-NatureChoiceMulberry leaf green tea-NatureChoice

Mulberry tree leaves edible description

Mulberry leaf, the name of Chinese medicine. It is the dried leaf of mulberry plant, also known as home mulberry, thorn mulberry, mulberry tree, yellow mulberry leaf, etc., most areas of the country have more production, mulberry leaf extract deoxynojirimycin and Pueraria lobata extract flavonoid substances combined to form a new substance - wash pancreas clearing glucagon, suitable for the treatment of lowering blood sugar, blood lipids, anti-inflammatory effects.

Active Ingredients

Mulberry leaf has the effect of inhibiting the formation of fatty liver, lowering serum fat and inhibiting the formation of atherosclerosis. The active ingredients include DNJ, phytosterols, flavonoids, etc.


1. reducing fat

2. reducing sugar

3. reducing blood pressure

4. anti-aging


1. tea

2. health care products

3. extract

4. essential oil