Cassia Seed Sliming Tea
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Cassia Seed Sliming Tea

Organic Cassia Seed with EC396 Eurofins Testing Report 
Roasted Cassia Seed
Cassia Seed mixed herbal teabag
Package: 50kg/bag
Available quantity: 100 tons per year
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Product Name:  Cassia Seed Sliming Tea

Cassia Seed Description

Pure cassia seed is the dried and mature seeds of the leguminous plant Cassia obtusifolia or Cassia (small cassia). The ripe fruits are harvested in autumn, dried in the sun, seeds are beaten off and impurities are removed. Cassia seeds are bitter, sweet, salty and slightly cold in nature, entering the liver, kidney and large intestine meridians; laxative and laxative, lowering lipids and brightening eyes, treating constipation, high blood lipids and high blood pressure. Clear the liver and eyes, diuretic and laxative, has a slow diarrheal effect, lower blood pressure and blood lipids.

Roasted Cassia Seeds Tea Specification

Preparation: Cassia seeds Remove impurities, wash and dry. Use when pounded. Sautéed cassia seeds. Take clean cassia seeds, according to the method of frying (General 0213), fried until slightly bulging, aroma. Use when pounded.

Property: This product is shaped like cassia seeds, slightly bulging, greenish brown or dark brown surface, occasionally see scorched spots. Slightly aromatic.


Moisture: The same as the herb, not more than 10.0%.

Total ash: The same as the herb, not more than 6.0%.

Content determination: The same as the herb, containing rhubarb phenol (C15H10O4) not less than 0.12%, containing orange cassia (C17H14O7) not less than 0.080%.

Taste and meridian: Sweet, bitter, salty, slightly cold. Returning to the liver and large intestine meridian.

Functions and Indications: Clearing heat and brightening eyes, moistening the intestines and opening the bowels. Used for red eyes and astringent pain, shyness, dizziness, dark eyes and constipation.

Usage and dosage: 9~15g.

Storage: Organic roasted cassia seeds herbal tea, because of its rich nutrition, aromatic nose, is easy to be worm-eaten or damp. Firstly, the packing is sealed to prevent the fragrance from being emitted; Secondly, it should be placed in a cool and dry place to avoid direct sunlight and prevent light, moisture and temperature from spoiling and discoloration of herbal tea. The shelf life of herbal tea is generally 2 years .

Herbal tea are made from combinations of dried leaves, seeds, grasses, nuts, barks, fruits, flowers, or other botanical elements that give them their taste and provide the benefits of herbal teas. Unlike most other forms of tea, it tastes great and is easy to drink. Most herbal teas may consist of one main herbal ingredient or a blend of herbal ingredients, intended to bring about a specific purpose, such as relaxation, rejuvenation, or relief from a specific condition, amongst other things. Because dried herbs and spices usually contains no caffeine, it is called herbal tea that are mixtures of several ingredients .

Herbal tea is a nice choice, regardless of season. The Chinese herbal tea or cold tea is a drink concocted from medicinal herbals to ease the summer heat in human's body or sore throat caused by the dry winter.  In addition to the potential health benefits that many believe herbal teas have, for decaf fans, herbals offer a wide range of flavors that are generally caffeine-free (although there are some types of herbal teas that have caffeine).Also, remember that even though a lot of herbs are green, green tea is not herbal tea. Green tea also comes from the Camellia sinensis plant, making it a “true tea.” Also, green tea is caffeinated, while as we mentioned, the vast majority of herbals are not. So, herbs may be green, but green tea is not an herbal tea.

Cassia Goji Chrysanthemum Tea Buy -NATURECHOICE

Cassia Seed Tea Health Benefits

1. Eye care

Organic cassia seeds can be used for eye treatment, and its name can be seen in its name. The name can also be seen from its name. The meaning of cassia is to open and unblock, and cassia means to break through the darkness and see the light again. Cassia seeds are rich in elements that have the effect of clearing the liver and brightening the eyes, which is good for eye diseases such as cyanosis, astringency, white membranes and eye redness, so if you want to protect your eyes, it is recommended to eat more cassia seeds. The use of cassia seeds crushed, taken every morning on an empty stomach, bright eyes and liver, to regulate the eyes have certain benefits, but also to relieve eye fatigue.

2. Laxative

In the hot season, the body sweats more and loses water faster, making it easy to have dry stools and constipation. In this time, with cassia seeds to drink water, can play a bright eyes, laxative, intestinal role. Before boiling the water, it is best to fry it until slightly yellow. The taste of cassia seeds after frying is crisp and tender, more conducive to the dissolution of nutrients, as well as the role and effectiveness of good prevention of diarrhea.

3. Fire

The cassia seeds have a strong effect of laxative liver fire, can treat liver fire, liver Yang headache dizziness, can be used with chrysanthemum, with the effect of heat detoxification and laxative fire.

4. Lower blood pressure

The cassia seeds have a certain curative effect on high blood pressure. Cassia seeds (fried slightly yellow) 20 ~ 30 grams, honeysuckle 10 ~ 15 grams, hanging chrysanthemum 15 grams, brewed with boiling water to make tea. One dose a day, can be taken for a long time. Cassia seeds can not only play a role in lowering blood pressure and blood lipids, but also has a certain benefit in preventing cholesterol rise, and can also prevent high blood lipids and fatty liver.

Cassia Seed Applications

Food industry; 

Pharmaceutical industry.

Roasted Cassia Seeds Tea Drinking Suggestions

1. Materials& Quantity: Chinese wolfberry 10 grams, chrysanthemum 3 grams, cassia seeds 20 grams. 

2. Time: Wolfberry, chrysanthemum, cassia seeds at the same time into a large covered cup, extracted with boiling water, cover, steam for 15 minutes to drink.

3. Effect: clear liver and fire, nourish Yin and eyes, lowering blood pressure and fat. Used for liver fire Yang epileptic type post-stroke, limb paralysis, dizziness, heavy head, light feet, hot face, easily irritable and angry, high blood pressure, red tongue, yellow moss, with string pulse.