Coix Seed Whitening Tea
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Coix Seed Whitening Tea

Moisture<12% ,Impurity<0.5% ,Ash<5%
Product type: Bulk raw material of herb tea: 5 or 10 kg per Carton
Customized Herbal tea /Herb tea: mini bag :3 or 5 grams /bag
Variety: single or blended
Package: Carton or Plastic bags, mini paper bag
Shelf life: 2 years under correct storage
Caffeine Free, Sugar fee, GMO-free, Gluten-free, Vegan, Artificial Sweetener Free, Organic Approved, Dietician and Nutritionist-Approved
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“When you are drinking tea ,it is basically a private conversation between the tea and your soul”

Lu Ann Pannuzio

NATURECHOICE offers herbal tea solutions to improve your health. Through our tea businesses, we have been serving tea enthusiasts for more than 10 years.

English Name: Coix Seed/Job’s tears Seed

Chinese Name: Yimi,Yiyiren

Latin Name: Semen Coicis

Specification :

98%,95% 90%

Moisture : <10%

Impurity: <1%

Ash: <3%

Powder: 80-120mesh

coix seed extract for skin supplier -NatureChoicecoix seed tea company -NatureChoice

Coix seed Tea-NatureChoice

Original place: Guizhou, Fujian,Yunnan,China

Active Ingredients: Coix Seed Protein

Part Used: Seed

Color: Off-White

Package: Double Plastic bag & Drum

Storage: Keep in cool &dry place

Applications: Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Food

Coix seed tea organic function:

The active component coixenolide of coix seed is a sedative, analgesic and antipyretic.

1) Inhibit tumor.

2) Effect on hypoglycemic.

3)Mainly used to improve the sleep.

4)Strengthen the immune system.

5)Inhibit the contraction of striated muscles.

6) Whitening effect

Other herbal tea raw material recommend-Xi'an Nature Choice Co.,Ltd

·         Green tea is one of the healthiest herbal teas to drink. It offers a whole lot of goodness such as: helping in the prevention of certain types of cancers, fighting tooth decay and gum diseases, aids in weight loss, and so on. Green tea is also available in ‘matcha’ form, which is the ground-up form of green tea leaves. Drinking green ‘matcha’ tea is actually the consumption of a whole tea leaf as it is ground up into a fine powder giving the person drinking it a whole list of good tea side effects.

·         Bit of nettle and dandelion is added to a peppermint-red raspberry leaf tea if you want to up your milk production while breastfeeding.

·         Black tea which is very low in sodium, fat, and calorie content, is known to be bountiful in antioxidants. It also helps cure Parkinson’s disease and cardiovascular problems.

·         Oolong tea, a famous Asian tea is known to cure Type 2 Diabetes when consumed on a daily basis. Further, it also helps in weight loss when taken regularly.

·         Peppermint tea  Soothes the belly and alleviates digestive discomfort.

·         Chamomile tea Calms nerves and supports healthy digestion. Try  Chamomile with Lavender for additional stress-relieving herbs.

·         Red Clover tea is traditionally used in herbal medicine for skin health.

·         Turmeric with Meadowsweet & Ginger tea supports a healthy response to inflammation associated with an active lifestyle.

·         Lemon Balm tea is gentle and mildly relaxing, relieves tension, and relieves occasional indigestion.

·         Nettle Leaf tea supports joint health and overall wellness.

·         Another good tea to drink is yerba matte tea. Yerba matte good tea side effects include: reducing the risk of certain cancers and heart disease. It is full of vitamin A, B1, B2, C, and the minerals magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, and riboflavin that many adults lack in their daily diets.

·         Chamomile is one of the most common herbal teas people drink. It has a mild sedative effect, so it’s perfect to use as a sleep aid. It also soothes stomach pains and acts as a gentle laxative. It helps alleviate menstrual cramps: research indicates that chamomile raises levels of glycine, a substance that calms muscle spasms.

·         Red raspberry leaf tea is good for women who are pregnant or trying to conceive. It’s said to reduce labor pains. It tones the uterus and pelvic muscles but does not stimulate contractions, so it won’t induce labor or miscarriage.

·         Astragalus tea is known to cure HIV and AIDS.

·         Ginger tea is also good for nausea of any kind, from morning sickness to motion sickness and anything in between.

·         Cardamom tea helps treat indigestion, prevents stomach pain, and relieves flatulence. It’s also helpful to drink a glass of cardamom tea if you are feeling nauseous. Cardamom tea fights pulmonary disease where lots of phlegm is present. It also works to relieve coughs. Drinking a cup of cardamom tea is helpful for women who experience mood swings during their menstrual period.

·         Ginger is an energizer and a stimulator. Drinking ginger tea both stimulates and soothes the digestive system. Ginger has been known to aid people experiencing nausea. Arthritic people have found ginger tea helpful since it has anti-inflammatory properties.

·         Peppermint tea is good to treat an upset stomach, especially when it’s combined with chamomile.

·          Herbal teas are generally known to cause soothing to the stomach and lower blood pressure and chances of cancer.