Hawthorn Fruit Slice Sliming Tea
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Hawthorn Fruit Slice Sliming Tea

Supply Hawthorn slice and Teabag cut :0.2-0.8mm
Moisture<12% ,Impurity<0.5% ,Ash<5%
Product type: Bulk raw material of herb tea: 5 or 10 kg per Carton
Customized Herbal tea /Herb tea: mini bag :3 or 5 grams /bag
Variety: single or blended
Package: Carton or Plastic bags, mini paper bag
Shelf life: 2 years under correct storage
Package: 25kg/Bag
Caffeine Free, Sugar fee, GMO-free, Gluten-free, Vegan, Artificial Sweetener Free, Organic Approved, Dietician and Nutritionist-Approved
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Product Name:   Hawthorn fruit Slice Sliming Tea


Dried hawthorn is made from high quality, large, spherical, 0.8 to 1.4 cm in diameter, harvested in autumn when the fruit is ripe, placed in boiling water and then dried or directly dried. It is sliced and dried by hand. The surface is brown to brownish red and finely wrinkled, with a sunken tip, calyx remnants, and a pedicel at the base or has fallen off. In addition to fresh food, hawthorn can be made into hawthorn slices, hawthorn cake, preserved fruit, hawthorn wine and so on. It can also be used as medicine. It is classified as spleen, stomach and liver meridian, and has the effect of eliminating food and stagnation, activating blood circulation and dispersing blood stasis.

Hawthorn fruit slice tea powder specification

Table 1 Sensory requirements




It has the color   and luster that the product should have.

Smell and Taste

Has the inherent   odor and taste of ginseng, sweet, no off-flavor.


Flaky, no mold,   no foreign matter visible to normal eyesight.

Table 2 Pollutant limits



Inspection method

Nut section

Dried fruit section

Lead (in terms of   pb)/(mg/kg) ≤




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Hawthorn fruit slice tea powder functions

1. Prevent and improve atherosclerosis

Drinking the right amount of hawthorn water in life can effectively dilute the triglyceride and cholesterol levels in the blood and prevent atherosclerosis. At the same time, with the effect of certain nutrients, it can improve the contraction of the heart muscle to a certain extent, improve the efficiency of blood circulation and flow, and avoid the problem of angina pectoris.

2. Beauty and skin care

Hawthorn is rich in vitamins, trace elements and minerals, which can play a good antioxidant role. For women, long-term consumption of dried hawthorn water can not only enhance skin elasticity, but also achieve a cosmetic effect, slowing down the rate of skin aging to a certain extent.

3. Nourish human qi and blood

Under normal circumstances, drinking dried hawthorn infused water can nourish human qi and blood to a certain extent, because hawthorn contains a large amount of organic acids and a certain amount of vitamins, which can promote the body's iron content and help the body synthesize blood cells. In fact, for women, hawthorn can nourish human blood in addition to the large amount of raisins and other items can also stimulate the body's blood tonic effect, therefore, during menstruation, women can drink dried hawthorn water or other dried water.

4. Stabilize blood pressure

Hawthorn contains minerals, vitamins and proteins. Hawthorn not only provides the nutrients needed by the human body directly, but often does not directly improve the body's resistance. The potassium in hawthorn can directly enhance kidney function, promote sodium ions out of the body and help stabilize blood pressure, therefore, drinking dried hawthorn infused water can stabilize blood pressure.

5. Appetite to promote food digestion

Raw often eat big fish and meat, will lead to loss of appetite or abdominal pain, when a glass of hawthorn water can relieve it, research found that the nutrients in hawthorn avenue can stimulate appetite, appetite and spleen, accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis.

6. Invigorate blood circulation and remove blood stasis

If there are bad eating and living habits, it is likely to slow down the blood flow.

Hawthorn fruit slice tea applications

Food industry; beauty industry; pharmaceutical industry

Hawthorn fruit slice tea drinking suggestions

Wash the dried hawthorn quickly with cold water to remove the ash layer on the surface, then put it into a cup, pour boiling water over it, cover it with a lid and smother it, then add sugar and stir it until it melts. You can also add pure honey for consumption. You will have a sweet, aromatic and refreshing cup of hawthorn tea.