Flos Magnoliae Tea
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Flos Magnoliae Tea

Organic Flos Magnoliae ,Wild growth in the mountains without pesticide residues
Moisture<12%,Broken<1%, Ash<5%, Impurity<0.5%
Available quantity : 50 tons per year
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Product Name:   Flos MagnoliaeTea

Flos magnoliae tea bag description

Symphytum, alias Linlan, Guilan, Duran, Mullein, Wooden Pen, Yellow Heart, Purple Magnolia, Lady's Flower. It is a deciduous tree plant of the Magnoliaceae family. The flower buds of Xinyi are warm in nature, pungent in taste, and belong to the lung and stomach meridians. Because it is pungent and warm, aromatic, go up the head and face, good at the nasal orifice, because of the treatment of nasal headache, headache, as long as the appropriate combination of its cold and hot can be applied, the medicinal value is quite high, internal and external use have good curative effect.

Flos magnoliae tea specification


Smell, taste

Pungent buds emit a pleasant, strong, fresh odor when rubbed. Must not have an offensive odor, let alone moldy.

No insects, no mildew

Not with live insects, mold, not to mention the dead insects visible to the naked eye, insect carcass fragments, if necessary, can be observed with a magnifying glass, when the magnification is greater than ten times, should be described in the inspection report.

Foreign matter

  1. a)      All substances that do not belong to the pungent flowers, especially the stems.

  2. b)      All other exotic plants and animals and minerals.

Table 1 Chemical indicators



Moisture (mass fraction)%


Total ash (mass fraction, dry state)%


Acid insoluble ash (mass fraction, dry state)%


Volatile oil (ml/100g, dry state)%


Crude fiber content (mass fraction, dry state)%


Flos Magnoliae Tea-NatureChoice

Flos magnoliae tea bag functions

1. Dispersing wind and cold

Xin Yi Hua is pungent and warming, which can disperse wind-cold and ventilate the nasal passages. It can be used in the treatment of external wind-cold, lung orifice stagnation, vicious chills and fever, headache and nasal congestion, and can be combined with wind-cold dispersing herbs such as Fangfeng, Angelica dahurica, and Sinensis. For wind-heat cold with nasal congestion and headache, Xin Yi Hua can also be added to mint, honeysuckle, chrysanthemum and other wind-heat dispersing herbs to enhance the power of opening the nasal passages and dispersing wind evils.    

2. Protect the nasal mucosa

It can protect the nasal mucosa and promote the absorption of mucosal secretions, reduce inflammation, and even clear the nasal cavity.    

3. Excite the smooth muscle of uterus

Syzygium aqueous decoction has an acetylcholine-like effect on the transverse muscle and excites the smooth muscle of the uterus and hyperactivates intestinal motility.    

4. Antibacterial and analgesic

Syzygium aqueous decoction has an inhibitory effect on a variety of pathogenic bacteria. The volatile oil has sedative, analgesic, anti-allergic and hypotensive effects.

5. Anesthesia

Xin Yi Hua infusion or decoction has local anesthetic effect on animals.


Xin Yi Hua is pungent, warm and dispersing, aromatic, and aromatic. Its nature reaches upwards, and it can dispel wind and cold, and internally, it can promote the clearing of the lung and stomach, and is good at clearing the nasal passages. For wind-cold, it is often used together with Angelica dahurica, Radix Angelicae Sinensis and Cang Er Zi. For wind-heat, it is often used together with peppermint, forsythia, scutellaria and other medicines to remove wind-heat and clear lung-heat.    

6. Anesthesia

Xingyihua infusion or decoction has a local anesthetic effect on animals.

Flos magnoliae tea bag applications

Food industry; pharmaceutical industry

Flos magnoliae tea bag drinking suggestions

Before steeping the water first clean the pungent flowers with water, then put it in a cup and brew it with hot water. Before drinking this water you can put your nose on the edge of the glass of water, because pungent flowers have a lot of aromatic substances, steeped to stimulate this, with pungent flowers of hot water smoked nose can also play the role of nasal passages. Then wait for the water temperature to gradually drop to be able to oral state, such as 30-40 ℃ up and down, and keep drinking until there is no taste can be removed from the pungent flowers.