Red Ginseng Root Chinese Herbal Medicine
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Red Ginseng Root Chinese Herbal Medicine

Have our own Ginseng root planting base and producing factory ;
Certificates : ISO9001;
Supply Quantity: 50 tons per year;
Provide free sample and courier methods: DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX & EMS
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  • NatureChoice

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Organic Red Ginseng Company

Red ginseng is the dried root of fresh ginseng after being steamed by traditional Chinese medicine method.

The whole length of red ginseng is 6-17cm.

Sometimes there are opaque dark brown patches with longitudinal grooves, wrinkles and fine root marks, with annular lines visible in the upper part.

Some with 2-3 branched roots proximally. Rootstock with stem scars. The texture is hard and brittle, and the fracture surface is flat and angular.

Red Panax Ginseng Tea For Sale

Selection and grading according to the red ginseng specification grade standard

1. Ordinary red ginseng is divided into 20, 32, 48, 64 and 80 pieces, each specification is based on the weight of 500g, in addition to small goods, divided into six specifications, each specification is divided into 1, 2 and 3 grades.

2. The red ginseng is divided into 16, 25, 35, 45, 55 and 80 branches, each branch is counted by 500g, and there are seven specifications of small goods, each specification is divided into 1, 2 and 3 grades.

packaging according to the selected specification level are packed. Generally divided into large packaging, 20-25kg per carton

Red Korean Panax Ginseng Rootlets-NatureChoiceRed Ginseng Root Whole-NatureChoiceRed Korea Panax Ginseng Root-NatueChoiceRed Ginseng Root Slice-NatureChoice

Grade : 16 ,24,32,48,64,80pieces/500gram

Red Panax Ginseng Tea Specification



Every pieceg

20 Red Ginseng

《20 Pieces


32 Red Ginseng

《32 Pieces


48 Red Ginseng

《48 Pieces


64 Red Ginseng

《64 Pieces


80 Red Ginseng

《80 Pieces


The Difference of Red Ginseng & White Ginseng

The processing technology of red ginseng is more complicated. It is made of water ginseng with relatively high water content or white ginseng with low water content after processing and steaming. White ginseng is simply dried. Because of the complex production process, red ginseng has better preservation. Generally speaking, the shelf life of red ginseng is about 10 years.

It is also because red ginseng is more sophisticated in craftsmanship, so red ginseng has nutritional value that white ginseng does not have. In terms of antioxidant effect, red ginseng has a very good effect, which is incomparable to white ginseng. Red ginseng also has a certain effect on anti-cancer.

Because red ginseng has better antioxidant effects than white ginseng, red ginseng has a great effect on blood circulation and detoxification. If you have poor blood circulation, you can make tea with red ginseng and drink it, and you can feel the change after a while. Both red ginseng and white ginseng have a good effect of invigorating qi and blood. People who are weak can drink ginseng tea to replenish physical strength and energy.

Different ways of eating ginseng. The first is to eat red ginseng or white ginseng in slices. Red ginseng has a good effect on delaying aging, so it is very good for women or the elderly to eat a piece of red ginseng every day. Because red ginseng has a good blood-enhancing effect, people who are weak or have blood problems can eat red ginseng.

Drinking ginseng slices in water is also a good way to keep healthy. People who like to drink can also use ginseng to make wine. Although ginseng has a good nourishing effect, it is still contraindicated when taking it. If it is a patient with Yin deficiency or a person with a bad heart, eating ginseng will not be effective.