Wild Ginseng Root ,Chinese "Linxia Ginseng"
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Wild Ginseng Root ,Chinese "Linxia Ginseng"

Planting time 10-20 years or more;
Cultivatd according to wild ginseng growing environment
Precious gifts for friends and family with beautiful package
Storage : Store in cool & Dry place
  • Linxia Ginseng

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“linxia”ginseng Root Supplier&manufacturer

Planting time 10-20 years or more

"Linxia Ginseng" is wild ginseng that grows under deep mountain forests simulating natural conditions. This type of ginseng is obtained by sowing artificially collected seeds of garden ginseng or underwood wild ginseng in the soil under the canopy of trees suitable for the growth of wild mountain ginseng and allowing it to grow there for many years, and the ginseng products obtained are collectively called ”Linxia” ginseng.

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“Linxia” ginseng grows naturally for more than 15 years, and its roots are characterized by five elements: long reed body, deep skin, long and sparse beard. The shape of pearl bumps on the beard is a characteristic of forest ginseng. All of them can be called wild ginseng because their quality meets the requirements of wild ginseng. The longer the age, the higher the value.

On the contrary, Wild ginseng grows naturally in deep forests, and its seeds fall into the forest soil after being swallowed or carried by birds or wild rats and discharged from the body.

Under suitable forest soil conditions, they take root and germinate, and are neither moved nor managed by any artificial means throughout the growth process.

Ginseng that grows naturally in the same place for many years or even more than 100 years is commonly called wild ginseng.  those that grows  more than 100 years or weight more than 50 grams are called “Da" ginseng; those that grow for more than 200 years or weigh more than 200 grams are called "Lao" ginseng.

Generally speaking, wild ginseng is mostly transverse spirit and lumpy, with thin and tight skin and deep old skin; the rootlet is sparse and long, soft and firm but not brittle, with obvious pearl bumps, long and thin reed head, often bent, and mostly three-sectioned