Corsvenor Momordica Fruit
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Corsvenor Momordica Fruit

100% Natural Traditional Chinese Medicine, No preservatives
Brand Name: NatureChoice
Certificate: ISO9001
Non-GMO, Non-irradiation, Allergen Free, BSE/TSE Free
Adopt to the modern technology and method to plant and produce.
Strictly test and control the active ingredient: pesticide residue, heavy metals, microbiology alfatoxin, SO2
Herb Usage Form:
1)Traditional Chinese Medicine
2)Herbal TBC for easily drinking as tea,
3)Herb powder for medicine and dietary supplement,
4)Herb extract for pharmaceutical.
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Product name: Corsvenor Momordica Fruit

Corsvenor momordica fruit flavor description

Luo Han Guo, commonly known as "fairy fruit", is a perennial vine in the Cucurbitaceae family.

Its leaves are heart-shaped, dioecious, flowering in summer and fruiting in autumn. The roots are perennial, fat, fusiform or subglobose; the stems and branches are slightly stout, furrowed, initially yellow-brown pilose and black warty glandular scales, later the hairs gradually fall off and become nearly glabrous. Its fruit is used as a sweetener for a low-calorie refreshing drink. It is native to southern China 

Corsvenor Momordica Fruit tea Buy -NauteChoiceBuy Corsvenor Momordica Fruit tea -NatureChoice

Product Name: Corsvenor   Momordica Fruit

Origin: Guangxi,China

Color:   Natural, Light Green and brown

Type: Dry   Fruit

Grade: A,size:52mm

Raw   material: 100% natural fresh

Nutritional   value:

Protein:   2,1g%

Lipid :   < 7,9%

Glucid:   10,5g%

Fibrous   matter : 1,8g%

Minerral   salt: 3,6g%

Vitamin   E : 61,2mg/kg min

Betacaroten:   1130mg/kg min

Lycopen:   0,15% min

Certificate:   ISO, HACCP

Inner   packing: PE Plastic Bag

Outer   packing: Carton Box

Packing:   1200 pcs/carton, any customer’s requirements

Shelf   life: 18 months in unopened packs

Storage:   keep away from direct sunlight, keep in cool and dry place, keep in under   18’C.

Corsvenor momordica fruit tea functions

1. Clearing heat and generating body fluid

2. Relieving the symptoms and relieving irritation

3. Laxative and laxative